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What is Candlegravity Studio?

"Candlegravity Studio" is the name I have given to the commercial side of my music operations. After a number of successful commercial jaunts in both music and sound production I found it more and more necessary to create a page where interested clients could get an easy sample of past projects and become more familiar with the services I provide.


Bring your production to life with cinematic music and sound. Whether your production is a film, video game, or commercial, the importance of bringing the viewer into intimate contact with that world is paramount and the level to which that can be achieved rests heavily on the auditory experience. With this thought process in mind, I take great pride in my work and the ultimate goal of bringing the creators vision to audible reality.


Music Composition
  • Original Musical Scoring
  • Candlegravity Music Licensing
  • Jingle Creation
Sound Engineering/Recording
  • Sound Effects Creation
  • Music Post Production
  • Music Arrangement
  • On-Site Recording

Copyright © 2022 Candlegravity Studio
The following is a list of universities, companies, institutions, and broadcasting networks that have either used the services of Candlegravity Studios, utilised music from Candlegravity's discography, or have broadcast Candlegravity's works. This list is not complete and is subject to change.

Universities and Learning Institutions

University / SchoolUsage

Companies and Private Clients

Company / Client NameUsage

Institutions and Non-profit Organizations

Institution / NPOUsage

Online and Offline Broadcasting Networks, Radio, and Television

Station / Broadcasting NetworkUsage
I have done my best to remove personal names and identities unless those names identify a particular company or organisation. If you wish to have your company, institution, or name either listed or removed, please notify me via the contact section of this site. The content presented by any of the entities listed above do not represent the views, positions, political stance or otherwise by Candlegravity Studio. This list is only meant to serve as an indicator of where our work has been used or requested.
Copyright © 2022 Candlegravity Studio
Copyright © 2022 Candlegravity Studio